Shot at Lee Circle in the Warehouse District

“What I look forward to in general, first and foremost, is catching up with friends that I genuinely only have the opportunity to see once a year, and if I’m going to run into them anywhere it’s going to be here. Secondly, to a broader point, five years into my Tales patronage I’m learning to finally accept New Orleans for what it is, and not be too preoccupied with swinging from vine to vine, from event to event, and to slow things down, have a long lunch. Galatoire’s blew my mind. We harnessed eight or nine people from Boston and got ‘em all at the same table, and had a very leisurely, plodding New Orleanian lunch. It was fantastic. It’s paradoxical that it sometimes take removing people a thousand miles from your hometown to spend quality time with them, because it removes you from that day-to-day.”