Other than hanging out with self-proclaimed New Yorker Taylor Swift and winning Grammys, Lorde has been using her celebrity powers for good.

The Kiwi singer turned to Instagram to signal her concerns for underfed schoolchildren in her country and show her support for an organization that aims to combat the issue. Eat My Lunch, backed by chef Michael Meredith, works kind of like Toms shoes but for lunches: When you buy your own meal for 10 New Zealand dollars (roughly 6 USD), the group donates a lunch to a child living in poverty. The meals are freshly made, with one delivered to your school or workplace and the other to the child.

(sorry for the text wall) hey kiwis! something a little out of the ordinary to share with you today, but something that means a lot to me. as you know, the cost of life in auckland (and new zealand!) is high. the heartbreaking result of that is that a really appalling 1 in 4 kids are living in poverty, and going to school without lunch. it makes me wanna cry thinking about kids who can’t eat at school, and therefore probably find it pretty tough to focus and learn too. so when i found out about michael meredith’s awesome new thing, EAT MY LUNCH, i was chuffed. the idea is for $10, you get a super yum healthy lunch which changes every day delivered to your work or school, and for every lunch you buy a second lunch is given to a kiwi kid who needs it. HOW COOL IS THAT?! i emailed them like “i travel too much to eat a lunch, but how can i GIVE TWO instead?” and they came back to me saying they were just about to launch a new thing, hopefully nationwide eventually, where you can do just that. and the first day is today. you can subscribe to do this at eatmylunch.nz/give-two – even if it’s $10 a week, that’s 2 less coffees (or one less cold pressed juice, jesus!!) and two kids get to eat lunch. it’s a no brainer, really. this week, i’m sponsoring te papapa school in onehunga for all the lunches that they need, and i’ve also subscribed to GIVE TWO as their first subscriber. so what are you waiting for? if you’ve got $10 to spare, jump on it. ok that’s it THANKS 4 READING and lots of love from me ❤️

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According to Eat My Lunch, a quarter of New Zealand’s children live in poverty and often go to school without lunch. The generous Lorde asked Meredith if she could just donate both lunches, to which the chef responded by adding a “Give Two” feature. The world-famous singer suggests we should each buy two fewer coffees (or one fewer cold-pressed juice) to feed children living in poverty. If Lorde can do it, we all can.