Our new feature asks celebrities what’s on their mind and between their bread.

Brittany Ross has a knack for bringing the funny. She’s showing off her comedic chops with her latest role, in Smosh: The Movie. The film, from the minds of the duo behind YouTube comedy channel SMOSH, will be digitally released on Friday — on Vimeo, iTunes and YouTube, naturally. Ross also has a regular guest role on ABC’s The Middle and will appear in an upcoming episode of Disney’s Girl Meets World.

Brittany Ross by Theo & Juliet
Brittany Ross, like many of us, is a big fan of cat videos and almond butter.

With Smosh: The Movie coming out, who are some of your favorite YouTubers to watch?
My favorite YouTubers are the cats and dogs. Before I did Smosh, I wasn’t very aware of the YouTube world. I only knew of the weird videos my mom would send me. I started watching all of Ian and Anthony’s [Smosh] videos, and I really love them.

Favorite Disney Channel original show?
It’s a close call between Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. I was obsessed with both.

Favorite joke? 
There is a really bad joke that I love. My sister tells it, and for some reason, it makes me laugh every time. I think I laugh because it’s so bad.

“Two muffins were in the oven. One muffin said to the other, ‘Man, it’s hot in here.’ The other muffin looked over and said, ‘Ahhhh! A talking muffin!'”

I know, I know; it’s hilarious, right?

What is the best vacation spot? 
I love Hawaii! I went to school there and got to explore a lot of the islands. North Shore Oahu is my favorite spot, but I also really love Maui.

What show are you currently binge-watching?
Empire. I never listened to hip-hop and rap music until I started watching this show. Now that I’m watching it, I blast rap music constantly. I’m a bit obsessed with that world right now.

What is your board game of choice?

Candy Land. No explanation needed.

What is your favorite book?

Matilda by Roald Dahl. This has been my favorite book since I was very young.  I’ve probably read it 20 times.

What band would you love to see live?

Florence and the Machine.

If you could attend any event in history, what would it be?

I would join Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in their landing on the moon. I used to dream of being an astronaut. I asked for telescopes for all of my birthday gifts. I even bought a bunch of freeze-dried space food, and tried to live off of it for a few days to prep for my future. After two days, my mom forced me to eat something real. I still dream of going to space.

Favorite animal?
Dolphins. They always seem like they’re having a blast!

What would your signature sandwich consist of?

Almond butter and raspberry jelly.