Breweries Are Becoming Part-Time Yoga Studios

Going to the gym can seem like a drag, so some people opt for team sports or yoga instead. For those of us who don't see the appeal in those options, a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation could be the answer to a more active lifestyle.

According to ABC, breweries are offering their spaces to yoga classes in which beer is offered at the end of the class. While this seems counterintuitive, we can't say it doesn't intrigue us. It's also a win for everyone involved: Yoga instructors are offered larger spaces, breweries gain clientele on slower nights and students get a pint after finding their inner peace.

Classes at Port City Brewing Co. in Alexandra, Virginia, were so popular that the brewery's monthly sessions turned into weeklies.

"Our feedback has been that they really enjoy that it's a mix of getting to do yoga and get in that yoga session, but also being able to hang out and have a happy-hour atmosphere afterward," Tammy Portnoy, marketing director for Port City Brewing Co., told ABC.

Beth Cosi, a yoga teacher and founder of Bendy Brewksi in Charleston, South Carolina, also told ABC that the concept is also attractive to men, because without beer, dudes would have no reason to practice yoga.

It appears that Denver has become a hotbed for the brew-and-yoga combination, with two breweries that offer regular classes.