How To Properly Toast A Hamburger Bun. Hint: A Wet Towel Is Involved.

What makes a burger the burger? Is it the patty? Toppings? Condiments? Or is it the bun? We think it might be the bun. Toasting buns on a grill will result in a layer of crispness that'll set your burger apart from the average Joe's. Toasting can also bring on unwanted sogginess, but fret not — our friends at ChefSteps passed along some tips that'll number your days serving snooze-worthy patties.

Break out this hack at your next barbecue, and your guests will beg you to reveal the secret behind those seriously spectacular sandwiches. Tell them or don't — that's up to you. Check out the video below to unravel the mystery.


A grill

A bowl or a grill lid

A dishrag or towel

Burger buns

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