Themed restaurants can be fun, or just a bunch of nonsense. Following this tradition, a St. Louis restaurant dedicated to everything ranch dressing, Twisted Ranch, has opened its doors to the public. The jury is still out.

What else is there to ranch besides dipping and dressing salads, you ask? Try a double-bone-in pork chop that’s brined and seasoned with the white stuff, or one of the 16 varieties of ranch, including teriyaki, buttermilk basil and Thai. They’re even serving ranch-flavored vodka. Horrible.

To everyone’s surprise, the restaurant isn’t just drowning everything in the sauce, but “subtly” incorporating it into dishes, says Johnathan Tinker, Twisted Ranch’s chef du cuisine, in an interview with The Riverfront Times. Dishes like their wild mushroom soup served with a ranch “crustini” and chicken bloomin’ lasagna served with Parmesan ranch sauce show just that. There’s no sign of a dessert menu, but we wonder if a ranch-flavored ice cream or cake would be too far-fetched of an idea.

Before the opening, press coverage mocked the sheer idea. Deadspin invited readers to “walk into the ocean” in light of the news. Co-owner Chad Allen says that he and his partner Jim Hayden received press calls from New York, Washington, D.C., and Oregon even before their liquor licenses had been approved.

Since the opening, Twisted Ranch has yet to receive any reviews, even on Yelp. But we’re keen to hear what people think.

Twisted Ranch, 1730 S. 8th St., St. Louis, MI 63104