The Brothers Hanson Still Going Strong With Their Mmmhops Beers

Remember Hanson? The trio of blond-haired brothers who made two syllables and a series of sounds so catchy that you're probably humming the tune now? Nearly 20 years later, they're back celebrating their classic "Mmmbop" with their award-winning, and very appropriately named, craft beer: Mmmhops Pale Ale.

For those who grew up with the unbelievably poppy tune that followed them through the malls and was on every radio station, AM and FM, it's about time that fans get to enjoy that same poppy tune with a hoppy brew. And now's your chance to do so.

Hanson's going on a 10-city North American tour this summer, playing two shows at each stop. Following each show will be an afterparty where you'll get to try Mmmhops and Taylor Hanson plays DJ. The boys and their fans are all grown up.

Tickets are sold in two-night packages with access to the beer afterparty as an add-on ticket. Presale tickets are now available.

If the Hanson brothers want to continue their venture in the libation business, a Food Republic editor suggests they move on to Mmmschnapps.