Hope For Hops: Big Beer Brands Reimagined As Craft Brews

What you see is not Foster's new craft bottle. Foster's lager is not late-hopped. We're not completely sure it's regular-hopped. No, this fantasy is the brainchild of Lancashire, England's The Restaurant Choice, home to restaurant gift cards (also known as "the gift everyone actually wants") for dining destinations around England. Thankfully, we Yanks are not excluded from their excellent blog, where we found these mock-ups of macro beers in craft packaging that everyone can enjoy.

"So far, the majority of the big breweries have resisted re-branding their own globally recognized beers to any major extent," they report. "There have been subtle attempts to shift old logos and brands into the 21st century, including gimmicks with can and bottle shapes and in-can technology, but what if these brands decided to entirely re-brand and embrace the craft beer paradigm?"

Follow these crazy kooks as they reimagine iconic beers like Budweiser and Carlsberg and offer unsolicited (albeit spot-on) advice for branding craft brews. And hey, if you're in England and need a restaurant recommendation, they've got that, too!