Elise Kornack says the beet course at her restaurant, Take Root, is a study in how she balances flavors and textures. It’s also an example of her artistic eye for plating (as she told us a while back, her culinary career curtailed her early stint as an artist). We’d venture that this beautiful, meticulously prepared dish is also the reason that the tiny Brooklyn restaurant she runs with her wife, Anna Hieronimus, has become a serious destination for in-the-know diners. It’s also made Kornack a rising star in the tight-knit chefs’ community; Zakary Pelaccio recently asked her to cook at his Hudson, New York, restaurant Fish & Game, and Kornack will team with Iliana Regan from Chicago’s Elizabeth for a one-night dinner there on August 23 (details here). Upstate New York beets, you’ve been warned.

Take Root
187 Sackett St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231