Ikea To Sell 45 Swedish Candies

Last summer, Ikea threw an all-you-can-eat crayfish party. This summer, you can treat yourself to 45 different European candies at the furniture mecca's new sweet shop, Lördagsgodis, or "Saturday candy."

Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of the same name in which children dedicate the start of the weekend to splurging on sweets, the shop is bulk bin–style — visitors have free rein over how much and which candies to snack on for $7.99 a pound. The candy, which contains no high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs or trans fats, includes marshmallows, chocolates, gummies, sours, licorice and more.

Over half of U.S. Ikea locations, including ones in San Diego, Chicago and Austin, have opened candy shops. Other Ikea stores will feature Lördagsgodis as early as Thursday and continue to open throughout the summer.