Clockwise from top left: Google’s new photo calorie counting app, Gnocchi Day in Argentina, Jewish food in Budapest, new Chicago restaurants.

This past week’s stories certainly had us on the move! We started out covering the unveiling of the annual World’s 50 Best Restaurants in London, at which last year’s champion was dethroned and a major announcement was made: The ceremony will move to New York City next year. We traveled to Budapest to explore the deeply rooted Jewish food culture and learned about the Day of Gnocchi celebration in Argentina. It happens every month — we’re down with that. Stateside, we listed some of our favorite new restaurants in Chicago and previewed an upcoming exhibit showcasing the long history of the Los Angeles dining scene via vintage menus. In keeping with the arrival of summer, we rounded up our favorite whiskies for warm-weather drinking and examined the complex world of frozen drinks. All that and more, on this week’s hot topics on Food Republic.

  1. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants are announced. There’s some drama.
  2. We ask a butcher about the best ways to thaw frozen meat.
  3. Budapest is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. Especially Jewish food tradition.
  4. There’s a monthly Day of Gnocchi in Argentina. And a story behind it.
  5. Here are 10 new restaurants to visit in Chicago this summer.
  6. Behold! An exhibit of vintage menus shows the long history of the L.A. dining scene.
  7. We make juicy, crisp lemon-oregano roasted chicken with broiled feta for dinner.
  8. Jeffrey Morgenthaler examines the world of frozen drinks and blenders.
  9. Summer drinking? Try out these five types of whiskey — yes, whiskey.
  10. Google is now counting the calories in food…photos.