20 Cocktails To Master Before The End Of The Summer

The long, hot days of summer are fast approaching, and we want you to be equipped with the tools that'll help you keep cool. From twists on classics like the mojito to the ideal drink to toast with at a summer wedding, here are some cocktails that will make the heat bearable.

Pearl Button Cocktail Recipe

The carbonated combination of ingredients gave off an opalescent glimmer, reminding John Deragon of the pearl buttons on the vest he wore behind the bar. Courtesy of PDT's Jim Meehan, the man who told us how to pack up a bar for the beach.

La Mandarina Tequila Cocktail Recipe

The pulpy and refreshing La Mandarina tequila cocktail is reminiscent of a Caipirinha, but as the name suggests, it calls for tequila rather than cachaça, and uses the citrus flavor of the tangerine to play alongside the tequila.

Nolet's Gin Silver Raspberry Buck Cocktail Recipe

Searching for a cocktail to make while watching Tiger Woods take on the field at The Masters this weekend at Augusta? Nolet's Gin — coincidentally, the official gin of the PGA Tour — shared an exclusive and highly refreshing cocktail with us, created by Nolet Spirits U.S. Mixologist Jaren Singh. The recipe, right this way.

Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Photo: Sloshed!

Cocktail Hour: Agave Old Fashioned Recipe

The Old Fashioned is one of America's greatest cocktails. The Agave Old Fashioned that we feature here at Empellón Cocina has a bit more of a richness and smokier edge than most. The recipe, after the jump.

Meet The Modern Whiskey Sour: Gold Rush Cocktail Recipe

This modern whiskey sour is so easy to make in bulk.

Persimmon Fizz Cocktail Recipe

It's not always easy to find persimmons here in the U.S., but they're worth seeking out at the specialty grocery stores where they tend to pop up. And when you do find it, it's just about perfect for a cocktail.

Tom Collins With Elderflower And Hops Cocktail Recipe

Cardamom Blush Cocktail Recipe

The Crusade Punch Recipe

When you need to appease many people, this punch is the drink to choose.

Blood And Sand 2.0 Cocktail Recipe

A smokey twist on a classic.

Frozémonade Cocktail Recipe

The Frozémonade was created to be the antidote to hot, sticky, summer nights in Brooklyn. But really, this drink is inspired by the fun of playing around with the blender. The best drinks often come together like this in one moment, with the concept, ingredients and name falling into place. Got a bottle of rosé? Prepare to meet your new favorite cocktail. 

Heads & Tails Cocktail Recipe

We made heads and tails of this drink and we approve.

Jack Rose Cocktail Recipe

Those not ready to give up summer yet might enjoy this 100-year-old, shoulder-season drink and with a base spirit from one of the first licensed distilleries in the United States: Laird's Bonded Applejack; it's essentially, an apple cider first made here by a Scotsman in colonial times. This cocktail can still be found on menus today, and yet it is virtually unknown.

Strawberry Army Navy Cocktail Recipe

Step Up Your Aperitif Game With This Byrrh Cocktail Recipe

Rye, Mezcal And Saline: Rock Salt Cocktail Recipe

This updated Old Fashioned is smoked up by mezcal.

A Hot New Twist On The Cuba Libre

Meet the Cuba Libre–inspired Agro-Cola.

The Refreshing Mojito: Made Two Ways

The additions of mezcal and hibiscus give the Gitano Mojito added depth and a purple hue.

Homemade Almond Milk Dos And Don'ts. Do: Make A White Russian!

All White Russians should be made with almond milk.