Summer Beer, Summer Recipes, Summer Food Festivals: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Clockwise from top left: deep-fried garlic bombs, brisket, 'kraut dogs, Margherita pizza in Naples.

Summer is here! Well, maybe not officially, but don't tell that to the rapidly rising temperatures and rapidly uncovered backyard grills around the country. We rounded up 30 summer recipes to test out this weekend, 15 summer beers to enjoy all day (and night) long and 12 summer food festivals to attend. On the topic of festivals, we compiled a list of the country's best upcoming barbecue competitions — yes, that's a real thing and it's taken very (very) seriously. We asked a butcher to settle the longstanding debate of grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef, feasted our eyes on some serious pizza p*rn in Naples and dissected eight common barbecue myths. We also made deep-fried garlic bombs. Mmmm. Deep-fried garlic bombs. All that and more on this week's hot topics on Food Republic.
  1. Is grass-fed beef better beef? We ask a butcher for his thoughts.
  2. Here are the 15 beers you should be drinking this summer.
  3. Naples is pizza's spiritual home. Here's where to eat the best pizza in town.
  4. These are the 30 recipes to make now that summer has arrived.
  5. Learn how to make your own sauerkraut in just a few simple steps.
  6. Mark your calendars! Here's the 2015 BBQ competition schedule.
  7. Here's how to make deep-fried garlic bombs. As good as they sound.
  8. Bourbon barrel-aged soy sauce? You better believe it.
  9. Here are 12 summer and fall food festivals you should think about attending.
  10. Here's the truth behind the eight most common barbecue myths out there.