Here's The Truth Behind The Most Common Barbecue Myths

Myth 1

Collagen conversion, fat rendering or general protein denaturing causes "the stall."

The Truth

Myth 2

Smoking wood in flavorful liquids will make your food taste better.

The Truth

Myth 3

Smoke rings mean flavor.

The Truth

Myth 4

Membranes on food block flavor penetration.

The Truth

Myth 5

Quality smoke only comes from solid chunks of wood.

The Truth

Myth 6

Tars and oil droplets in the smoke create the pellicle and color in the food.

The Truth

Myth 7

The more fat, the more smoked flavor you'll get.

The Truth

Myth 8

Only raw foods can absorb flavor.

The Truth

So long as the surface of your food is moist, aromatic vapors will continue to absorb there and diffuse into the food.

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