Make A Fancy Chocolate Garnish Using Nothing But Bubble Wrap

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Don't throw away that bubble wrap! Too late? All right, well, save a sheet from your next late-night online impulse buy (yay for tie-dye silicone push-pop molds!) and try this awesome chocolate trick from YouTube cooking school Worldwide Culinary Apprentice.

A couple of tips: Give the bubble wrap a good rinse with soapy water and dry thoroughly before using. You also don't want to use chocolate right out of the double boiler — it's too hot and might melt the plastic. Tempered chocolate, as this trick calls for, is heated to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, then cooled to 82. This makes for a more durable, less brittle chocolate that will set quickly and thoroughly, with a nice glossy sheen instead of a dull gray film. Ready to make it happen?

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