Facebook Has Set Up A New Page Dedicated To All Things Food

Facebook recently launched a new page devoted exclusively to food, promoting links from your favorite websites, as well as featuring guest chef "takeovers." And who better to help promote this new social-media platform than famed chef Mario Batali? Everyone's favorite red-headed Italian-American cook dropped a pot of hot knowledge on the new page yesterday, including a custom-designed dinner-party playlist, a riff on unusual food pairings and a how-to video on making ricotta the right way. Watch the clip here:

Mario Batali Takeover: Here's a brand new #howtotuesday...on Monday (a special gift for fans of Food on Facebook)!!! Ladies and gents: #HowTo make homemade ricotta! If you've only had ricotta out of a carton from the dairy aisle, get ready to have your mind blown! 'Cause rich, thick and creamy homemade ricotta will knock your socks off!!! Here's how to do at home!!! http://www.mariobatali.com/videos/ricotta/

Posted by Food on Facebook on Monday, May 11, 2015