Watch Hugh Jackman Lip-Sync The Bacon Pancake Song. Awesome!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Adventure Time is the greatest cartoon of all time. The best creatures are all made of food or candy, and Jake the magic dog cooks up a storm. Guess who clearly knows these facts to be true? All right, the headline gives it away: It's Hugh Jackman! The X-Men star recently Instagrammed himself lip-syncing Jake's "Bacon Pancake Song" to utter perfection.

Good morning....

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From the comments:

"Hugh Jackman knows what time it is."

"See? Even Wolverine likes this song."

"Thanks Hugh Jake-Man"

"If you want I can send you the mp3 of this so you can set it as your alarm in the morning. Definitely makes my day better. Lemme know, man!"

Jackman appears to be Instagramming from an idyllic beach locale, so he's probably good on the "better day" front. Most important of all though, Food Republic editorial director Richard Martin has been known to get this breakfast-themed tune stuck in his head. And as luck would have it, here it is on repeat.

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