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The question we recently posed to five New York City chefs was as simple as it comes: Make Food Republic a delicious baseball hot dog. The results? Well, not so simple. For the return of the Food Republic Challenge series — and the start of the 2015 Major League Baseball season — we invited some of our favorite chefs to our test kitchen to construct a hot dog using their choice of dozens of condiments, toppings and spreads. The only rule was that the hot dog had to be delicious. And simple mustard and relish — though delicious — would not cut it. Up next is Matt Robicelli, co-owner of Robicelli’s Bakery in Brooklyn and a hot dog connoisseur. His take: a little bit Asian, a little bit Peruvian, a little bit Brooklyn. And, of course, 100 percent awesome. Food Republic’s Matt Rodbard investigates.

You can check out more videos on the Food Republic YouTube page.