Slideshow: Meet The 2015 James Beard Award Nominees For Top Restaurant Design

When the James Beard Foundation announced its final list of nominees for the 2015 awards, a great deal of attention was showered upon the major categories, like Best New Restaurant and Outstanding Chef. But not to be overlooked are the two restaurant design categories. Which is why we reached out to the designers for their thoughts on how they created these spaces (in the slideshow below).

These six nominees (divided into two categories: under 75 seats and 75 seats or more), including an industrial-influenced construction in the heart of Palm Springs and a former blacksmith shop in upstate New York, showcase an outstanding ability to translate a chef and restaurant owner's food and beverage concept into a setting that not only matches but also elevates the dining experience. Not an easy thing, especially when you're dealing with pre-existing structures and foundational constraints, limited budgets and the context of the surrounding area and neighborhood. In that regard, this year's nominees are all winners in our book. Check them out.