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Heritage Radio Network is housed in two shipping containers in the backyard of Roberta’s.

Heritage Radio Network is comprised of food thought leaders and industry experts, from brewers and bartenders to pastry chefs and policy makers. As the world’s only food radio station, its 40-plus hosts broadcast around 40 weekly shows (out of two shipping containers in the backyard of Brooklyn’s Roberta’s, no less). The independent, member-supported, not-for-profit network has spent the past six years developing its reputation as the underground source in the food world, a speakeasy for people in the know. It also supports scholarship programs to teach high school students how to produce their own short stories about food insecurity in their neighborhoods.

Currently, the network’s website is in trouble. With the coding language in its current site set to expire at the end of 2015, — and over 7,000 episodes of archived content with visionaries and tastemakers — will soon cease to exist. The network has a web team in place, a plan and a timeline to save the website and is looking to raise $35,000 via Kickstarter to help finance the project. Rewards for donating include apparel, accessories, books, studio tours, recording opportunities and even the chance to air a 12-episode season of your own show. With just over a month left to help out, the campaign must still raise roughly $25,000 in order to be funded.

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