La Marzocco's Linea Mini Is The New Coveted High-End Home Espresso Machine

If you've ordered a latté in any coffee shop from San Francisco to Florence, you've likely seen your espresso pulled from the iconic La Marzocco machine (even Starbucks originally used them before opting for a more automated system). The iconic brand has been a go-to for baristas around the world since the company started in 1927.

The company, which has previously only made commercial-sized machines, announced the new La Marzocco Home line last fall, a new business unit that will be based in Seattle and primarily target the home coffee enthusiast. Now you can buy a pint-sized version of the industrial model for home use, as the new Linea Mini will start shipping out this May/June.

Think of the 14" by 21" Linea Mini as barista-quality espresso engineering for the home user. It's simple to use, but you have full control over the temperature and gauges indicating steam and boiler pressure so you can keep track of those figures. There's a set of LED barista lights configured to light up the drop tray and shot area. The cup tray holds at least six espresso cups and three cappuccino cups, and the kitchen-sized version comes in four colors (stainless steel, red, black or white). For the real coffee nerds, check out the complete internal and external specs on the website.

This kind of luxury comes with a price, though. The Linea Mini runs $4,495, making it more affordable than models like the GS/3 ($6,900), but likely still a bit steep for the average coffee lover. On the other hand, it's an investment that will have you pumping out shots for life, so that's worth the price of not having your name misspelled on that white to-go cup one more time, right?

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