What Exactly Is Sous Vide Cooking All About?

Sous vide cooking has always been something best left to the pros, or to the most intrepid of home cooks. But the practice of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath — which ensures items are cooked evenly and retain moisture — is not that difficult with a little bit of training. Here is a video from our friends at ChefSteps that describes what sous vide cooking is all about:

They also have a smart way to illustrate proper sous vide cooking temperatures (which can be difficult to nail) using a whimsical world map. As a general rule of thumb, fish cook in cooler waters for shorter periods of time, while tough cuts of meat require more cooking time. Items in some groups, like tender meat cuts, vary more by cooking time, while others (shellfish) are differentiated more by cooking temperature.

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ChefSteps comprises a team of award-winning chefs, filmmakers, scientists, designers and engineers focused on revolutionizing the way people cook by inspiring creativity and encouraging expertise in the kitchen. The site is currently offering a free online class called Cooking Sous Vide: Getting Started, as well as a $10 class called Cooking Sous Vide: Beyond the Basics.

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