Whatever level your coffee know-how, this minimalist, six-inch-square device makes a very convincing case for dialing up your pour-over game. Acaias Pearl coffee scale, which its makers are touting as the first and only of its kind on the market, was designed specifically to measure the entire pour-over brewing process: the amount of grinds, the time, the pour amount and the infusion rate.

The scale, which measures in ounces and grams, accurately measures to 1/10th of a gram at an impressively rapid response time of 20 milliseconds, so you can precisely nail your bean-to-water ratio as you pour. If you’re more of a novice, you can probably stop right there. Otherwise, there’s plenty of other bells and whistles to play around with on this sleek kitchen gadget. A built-in stopwatch also tracks bloom time, the rate of pour and infusion, both displayed on the scale as well as on your smartphone — because what’s a kitchen gadget these days without a smartphone-enabled app? In this case, its makes perfect sense (and not just because the Pearl looks like something you’d pick up at the Apple store), given that coffee geeks will most definitely want to log their progress as they refine their methods and measurements. 

Though it is really designed for coffee brewing, the scale has a weight capacity of nearly 4.5 pounds (2 kg), meaning you can also just use it as a standard kitchen scale—and in our opinion, the more you get to show off something this stylish, the better. 

Available at Williams-Sonoma ($130).

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