New Chefs Rising, Episode 1: Jonah Miller Of Huertas

You hear it all the time: A chef's gotta pay his dues, toil for years or even decades in kitchens learning technique and craft. Not necessarily. In New Chefs Rising, Food Republic finds young cooks who are making moves, running their own kitchens in successful restaurants, in many cases before their 30th birthday. In the first episode, Jonah Miller, executive chef and co-owner of NYC hot spot Huertas, talks about how a childhood fascination with cooking led him straight into a career. Then he shows how a "simple peasant dish" of migas exemplifies his Spanish restaurant, where the goal isn't to challenge diners but to please them. "We don't want our guests to have to think a lot," he says. How refreshing. Check it below:

Huertas, 107 1st Ave., New York, NY 10003, huertasnyc.comMake sure to follow Food Republic on YouTube