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Paul Loebach’s stylish Ora teapot is made from a double wall of glass that seals in heat without scorching your fingers.

It’s not every day you discover a teapot that looks as beautiful as the Ora. But the lovely modern vessel designed by Paul Loebach for Kikkerland Design offers so much more than a pretty façade — it’s exceptionally functional as well. 

It might sound nerdy, but the tea-leaf-infusion process is aesthetically pleasing to watch, and this sleek glass cylinder highlights the process instead of hiding it like a typical porcelain pot. Leaves are placed directly in the interior body of the 14-ounce device, and a thin wire strainer hidden in the mouth of the spout filters as it pours, eliminating the hassle of toting around tea bags or having to clean larger, wiry metal strainers or pods. You might also notice the lack of a cumbersome handle. The body is made from a double wall of glass to ensure the liquid inside remains hot while also making the device itself simple to grasp and even easier to store.

At $45, it feels like a solid splurge for any tea lover’s birthday or other gift-giving occasion. Kikkerland Design will begin selling the pot later this month, but you can preorder one in the meantime

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