What’s the best way to get your grub on at the annual NCAA Big Ten Basketball Tournament in Chicago this year?

With a monstrous, sloppy 14-layer cheeseburger, of course.

The meaty behemoth known as the 14 Burger was developed by Chicago-based Levy Restaurants specifically for the event, which started on Wednesday and runs through the weekend at the United Center. While not exactly outside-the-box choices, the whopping list of 14 ingredients represents the 14 teams playing in the tournament and includes three patties of meat, three slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, caramelized onion, mustard and ketchup (they also include the bun and the fries in the tally). 

Chefs at the company (which caters for a slew of sports arenas around the country) are known for going all-out with the occasional seasonal dish, like last year’s 18-inch stuffed corn dog, known as the Arizona Diamondbacks D-Bat Dog, and this year’s Churro Dog, a cinnamon churro nestled within a fluffy chocolate doughnut and topped with frozen yogurt and whipped cream. Is it delicious? Yes. It is the picture of overindulgence? That, too. 

This year’s basketball-inspired burger is what the company calls a “Chicago-style char-grilled burger” and is currently being served at the stadium to commemorate the tournament’s return to the city. Whether you’re rooting for top-seeded Wisconsin (playing today — go Badgers!) or favor one of the underdogs for the conference championship, all this can be yours for a neat $10.75. The heartburn is on the house.