The marijuana-legalization movement is gaining momentum nationwide, and it's quickly spreading to the cookbook section of your nearest bookstore. Or Amazon, at least. Sweet Mary Jane, a collection of weed-infused recipes by Boulder, Colorado-based baker Karin Lazarus, is now available for pre-order through the online retail giant.

In it, Larazus — described by New York magazine as "the Martha Stewart of weed baking" — offers a grand vision for ganja-laced goodies beyond the pot brownies of yore. We're talking about things like triple ginger and mango-cardamom cupcakes and rosemary-pear tarts – "recipes that can be made with or without the infusion of marijuana," according to the book's description. As if there aren't enough weedless dessert cookbooks already.

Lazarus's effort, scheduled for release in paperwork this June, is one of at least two high-profile cannabis cookbooks coming out in 2015: A more savory-themed 200-page "definitive guide" to pot-laced recipes by the operators of the popular website the Stoner's Cookbook is also expected to drop this summer.

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