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Gluten-free doesn't get better than this.

Blogger/photographer Tess Ward (aka “the Yes Chef”) has a recipe for carb-free grilled cheese on cauliflower bread that looks absolutely awesome.

Now before you get all righteous about how your grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese, drop knowledge on how spreading mayo on the outside of the bread gives it an especially crispy crust and brag about your dedicated grilled-cheese cast-iron skillet and how you source your cheese from a dank little scary cave in France, hear me out. Everyone’s grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is the best, no matter how you spin it. Even without bread.

Unfortunately, this genius variation is not eligible for the actual grill treatment, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Fire up that dedicated grilled cheese cast-iron skillet (liar) and start breaking down that cauliflower. This is happening.

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