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Welcome to the afternoon roundup! If it happened in food today, it's news to us. Here are a few stories that have caught our attention.

Big Food: Pizza has been deemed the world's most addictive food. The pizza lobby, which is in fact a thing, isn't just going to stand by and let its reputation for being fat melted on carbs be tainted. 

Tea: Move over green and white — the new color in town is purple. Well, not really town, more like country. Kenya is the world's largest exporter of purple tea, a delicate, flavorful and antioxidant-rich varietal gaining popularity among dedicated steepers. 

Food Safety: Think you got salmonella from sprouts? E. coli from burger meat? Think again — the most common sources of food poisoning aren't necessarily those with the worst reputations. You may want to put down that fruit. 

Hunters Behaving Badly: A game farmer in Zimbabwe planned an over-the-top birthday meal for 91-year-old president Robert Mugabe. How over-the-top? Elephant. The endangered mega-beast is hunted in the region for its meat. Crocodile may also have been served. Understandably, conservationists are up in arms.

Food Safety Behaving Badly: Guy Fieri makes large-format nachos in a trash can. While he can technically justify this bizarre feat of snackfoolery as it does, for all intents and purposes, make sense from a culinary-esque standpoint…just, come on.