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Bored with your typical lunchtime sandwich routine? Enter: Fat & Furious Burger, a whacked-out, culinary-slash-photo Tumblr devoted to "creazy" (the designers' word) but edible burgers. In 2012, Quentin Weisbuch and Thomas Weil, two Paris-based burger-obsessive designers (their favorite burger joint in Paris is the Wagy chain, by the way), initiated the weekly lunchtime ritual of conjuring up and improvising a new burger, often inspired by pop culture or iconic news moments. Despite the over-the-top nature of some of their creations, every single one was cooked up with the intention of being eaten afterward. It is their lunch, after all.  

“Bun, James Bun.” A Goldeneye-inspired burger.

Roque-steady: Blue Burger.

A recent nod to Valentine’s Day

In September 2014, Weil and Weisbuch debuted their “Fat & Furious Burger” cookbook. “No less than 60 recipes for kamikaze livers and intrepid stomachs,” they say. You can also get prints of their burg-art via the project’s website.


Sushi Burger, which the pair conjured up in partnership with Master Chef USA. All photos © Fat & Furious Burger.

Besides burgers, Weil and Weisbuch’s studio, Furious, cooks up other amusing and bold imagery for various brands and magazines, like this one for Magazine Grazia.

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