Welcome to the afternoon roundup! If it happened in food today, it's news to us. Here are a few stories that have caught our attention.

Fast Food: Taco Bell has finally fallen prey to the seductive appeal of sriracha. Now, the sauce you love squirted all over your poor spicy tuna rolls can be found oozing out of a Quesarito? What's a Quesarito? Who cares — it's oozing with sriracha sauce! Also, KFC premiered the world's first edible coffee cup at its U.K. locations beginning this summer. An inner layer of white chocolate keeps your coffee in, and a layer of impervious sugar paper keeps the outside world out.

Food Science: Presenting: eggs with a pleasant citrus flavor built right in. Thanks to Japan's Yamasaki Farms, chickens fed yuzu zest produced eggs with a delightful zing. Toodle-oo, sulfurous off-flavors. 

Pop-Ups: Renowned chef Dan Barber hosts a pop-up event at his NYC Blue Hill outpost from March 13-31 to highlight the importance of minimizing food waste. Learn about sustainable and regenerative agriculture and how it affects the food-service industry, and see what Barber is doing very, very right. Those famous Blue Hill eggs? Their lucky mamas eat the scraps from your plate. 

Booze Event: Whisky fans, unite! For three and a half precious hours tonight, New York City's Whisky Live hosts hundreds of fine brown-liquor producers from around the world. Have a snack, sit down for a master class and most importantly, warm yourself up.