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Last month Carlsberg announced its green packaging initiative both at the World Economic Forum and—where else?—on Instagram.

Pretty soon, Carlsberg drinkers may not be able to clink bottles so much as clunk them, thanks to the brand’s newest environmental initiative. Last month the Copenhagen-based company announced plans to develop and debut the world’s first fully biodegradable wood-fiber beverage bottle.

When Paperboy wine debuted a little over a year ago, we touted the benefits of cardboard packaging: lighter weight, smaller carbon footprint and better insulation. Unlike Paperboy and the whole wine-in-a-box concept, which relies on an inner sleeve to prevent leakage, Carlsberg’s three-year initiative, in collaboration with ecoXPac and the Technical University of Denmark, intends for every material used in the bottle (cap included) to be biodegradable.

Major brands around the world seem to be working toward packaging optimization with greener methods in mind, although going all out with a wooden or cardboard bottle is quite the throw-down on Carlsberg’s part. If it’s a success, we might all be “clunking” our beer bottles in the near future.

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