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How's this for "stunt food"? A restaurateur in Iowa claims to have created the world's hottest burger and has reportedly petitioned Guinness World Records to create a whole new category to fit this insane inferno of a beef patty. It's called the "Hellfire Burger," and Xtreme Smokehouse and Grill owner Loren Gingrich requires you to sign a waiver before you try it. Oh, and you'll need  a pair of protective goggles and rubber gloves, too.

Local ABC affiliate KCRG-TV got a look at how it's made. The ground-beef patty is infused with ghost and cayenne peppers, plus a pure chili extract. Then there's a homemade hot-pepper relish made with habaneros, jalapeños and serranos heaped on top. And in keeping with the fiery theme, Gingrich also adds a dash of grain alcohol and sets it ablaze. He estimates the burger's rating at about 1 million on the Scoville heat index far beyond the 2,500-to-5,000 range for the average jalapeño but safely below the 2 million-level potency of pepper spray.

"Tell my wife I love her," says reporter Brady Smith before bolding biting into the scintillating sandwich. Here's a video:

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