Although best known for his music and his signature coiffure, the artist Questlove is also a noted foodie. As such, the drummer for band the Roots is the first non-chef to serve as chief curator for New York's upcoming Taste Talks festival. (Acclaimed cooks April Bloomfield and Danny Bowien have headlined the event in the past.) For a while, the guy even had his own fried-chicken stand. Occasionally he'll bring elements of these two worlds together, inviting his musician friends and other celebritites over for extravagant dinner parties that he calls "food salons." The most recent shindig took place in Los Angeles during the Grammys and featured dishes by three West Coast chefs: Maxime Bilet, Angela Pinkerton and Flynn McGarry. Writing about the big bash in Vanity Fair, the man also known as DJ ?uesto notes that this particular event, attended by such luminaries as Adrian Grenier and Zoë Kravitz, was quite different from the previous ones. How so? Well, for one thing, there was "more talk about the food than at any other salon." He writes:

People talked about the cost of uni roe (it’s expensive). They tried to remember where the Meyer lemon comes from (it’s from China). They debated if sunchoke is used to make a kind of liquor, decided it was, and then debated the name (is it Topi? Is it Rossler? Turns out that it’s both).

Oh, and they also talked Grammys. Here's video from the star-studded event:

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