Edible Spray Paint Is Now A Thing And Approved By The FDA

All this time, it seemed like the blowhards at Fox News had been huffing glue. Now we know the truth: They've actually been eating spray paint. In a recent "Chew on This" segment on the cable network's website, Fox News foodie Ashley Dvorkin explores the glimmering world of edible aerosols and taste-tests a traditional Mardi Gras king cake that's been blinged out in silver and gold spray paint. "Let's hope it doesn't taste like spray paint," she says which makes us sort of wonder whether this charming TV personality has previously nibbled on real Krylon. The verdict: "not as sweet as traditional frosting" with "a slightly bitter aftertaste," she says. Rest assured, the FDA has determined this stuff to be safe enough for human consumption. Listed ingredients include mica, a mineral that is also found in drilling fluids and asphalt shingles. But the amount is too small to be harmful, as Fox News helpfully points out. Our own Jess Kapadia tried a German brand of edible spray paint back in 2013, with no known ill effects.