Valentine’s Day is the perfect cooking holiday. Because what says "I love you" more than a perfectly executed béarnaise? All week we will be offering up some recipes for you to practice  and execute on the big night. 

Say what you will about shellfish or chocolates, but there's no better V-Day dish than a large hunk of juicy red steak. See? Red. Like hearts. Rather than mangle our hands on sharp shucking knives and shell edges — not that we wouldn't do that for our beloveds, we totally would — we're slapping a big piece of meat on the grill (or in the grill pan, since there's still about two feet of snow taking up our grilling turf). Show off that perfect medium-rare you've perfected over the years, or skip cooking altogether and impress with the best tartare your date's ever had. Don't worry, there's a cauliflower steak and a lobster steak in there, too. Now's not the time to leave anyone out of a good time. 

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