Around The World In 12 Coffee Cups

Welcome to Fantasy Travel Week, when traveling the world for food and adventure is squarely on our minds.

"The cup is to coffee like the cover is to a book — it's part of the experience," says Henry Hargreaves, a Brooklyn-based photographer and the founder of Coffee Cups of The World. "The [paper] cup's design is underrated and I wanted to applaud places that do it well," he explains further. So far, Hargreaves's site — dedicated to the to-go vessel in its various iterations — has showcased over 150 images from around the world since its launch last June (with many more submissions featured on its Instagram page). In the collection you'll find intricate designs like a speckled cup from a Berlin cafe, reminiscent of a black-and-white composition notebook, plus cheeky jabs at familiar mega-chains such as those from L.A.'s now-closed Dumb Starbucks. Here are some of our favorites.