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When was the last time you did it? Perhaps in the shower? Maybe while out for a cocktail with friends, or running on the treadmill? If you live in a colder region of the world, you are likely doing it a lot these days. We’re talking about escaping the day-to-day grind to ponder where you want to travel to next. Away from tapping into spreadsheet cells or delivering boxes. You want out. And now, more than ever, this exit strategy revolves around food.

You dream of visiting the taco stands of Mexico City and the brick-oven pizzerias of Naples, checking out some of the 110 craft breweries in San Diego and drinking shochu in Osaka. As is our annual February tradition, this week we’ll break from the usual programming a bit to bring you stories about fantasy travel, with food being at the center of it all. In a short time we’ll debut our list of 24 Places to Visit for Fantasy Food Travel. We will feature stories about London, Shanghai and New York City — with a few suprises in store.

UPDATE Here is a list of the stories we published: