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From east to west, north to south, successful Kickstarter restaurant campaigns are on the rise.

We’re big fans of Kickstarter here at Food Republic. The website is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, allowing users (dreamers?) to outline ambitious projects. Backed by donations from visitors, who are often able to give as little as $1 to further a worthy cause, these projects all have a chance to make it.

Kickstarter has become an increasingly popular way for both chefs and owners to raise capital for new restaurants. Funders can be confident that their money is going directly toward integral aspects, like construction, equipment, recipe testing and product sourcing, among others. And in addition to receiving various perks as rewards for donating — printed acknowledgment, apparel, sneak peeks and unique experiences — participants can feel like they played a vital role in helping get a campaign off the ground.

There have already been several Kickstarter-funded restaurants nationwide that have achieved acclaim. Brooklyn’s Shalom Japan has charmed with its Japanese-Jewish fusion fare, the West Village’s Louro has fast become a city hotspot and the Musket Room earned a coveted Michelin star just four months after opening. And that’s just in New York. Chicago’s Korean-American diner Parachute, Jersey City’s polished Thirty Acres and San Francisco’s favorite Hillside Supper Club have all experienced success since opening in the past couple of years.

But take a look at the handy map here: Kickstarter is hardly a helpful platform for just large cities. While the Northeast has taken a lead in funding restaurant projects, there have been a number of openings throughout the South, Midwest, West Coast and Northwest (plus the U.K.). Get to giving, people!

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