Clockwise from top left: Boston sandwiches, tonka beans, band-brewery collaborations, a fridge that brews coffee.

Let's start off with a bit of a mind-blowing fact: you can unboil an egg. It gets better: you can also have cheese on ALL your fries and not just the top layer. We invented that, not the egg-unboiling. None of us are even close to that smart, but give the FR team a problem like "there's only cheese on some of my alleged cheese fries" and we'll give it the attention it deserves. We also gave the term "fast casual" a little more attention than usual, in that we're ready to know what that even means, if not just "you know, like Chipotle," while continuing to put off thinking about Valentine's Day until the day before. Ooh! Get your beloved a six-pack brewed in collaboration with a band they like! Glad we got that out of the way.

  1. You can, in fact, unboil an egg. Don't, though. They're nice boiled (properly).
  2. Tonka beans are sweet, delicious and illegal in the US.
  3. It's high time someone got to work on a Bob's Burger cookbook.
  4. Fridges brew coffee now, all while still keeping food fresh.
  5. We have a new YouTube channel!
  6. Forget beans, go to Boston for the sandwiches (leave before the snow hits)
  7. "Fast casual" implies a whole lot other than "Chipotle."
  8. The freshly baked pride of Winston-Salem, NC? Moravian cookies.
  9. There is a way to get cheese on all your fries. You heard it on Food Republic first.
  10. Breweries and musicians partner up for excellent collaboration beers.