Easy Kitchen Decor Upgrade: Get A Better Pegboard

Ever since Julia Child took to the airwaves decades ago and popularized the idea of using a pegboard to hang pots and pans, the simple wall unit has been a feature of home kitchens. And for good reason: It's a sturdy, functional and clutter-free storage solution, an ideal way to keep your cookware and tools within arm's reach. But even old standards could use a little upgrade from time to time. Just look at this new line of pegboards and accessories by the London-based design firm Kreisdesign.

The name of the collection, Peg-It-All, pretty much gets the point across: Made from solid birch plywood in thicker-than-average panels, the boards come with shelves and pegs (straight or with a rounded head), plus an optional mini clipboard for grocery lists and dinner menus, and are customizable to accommodate a wide range of organizing needs. What we especially admire about this riff on the classic storage component are the subtle enhancements to appearance, making the pegboard more than just a functional storage item, but a legitimately stylish focal point in your kitchen's decor.

Designer Nikki Kreis of Kreisdesign created a sturdier, slightly chunkier riff on the fail-safe kitchen pegboard using thicker cuts of plywood, wider holes and an expanded range of hanging accessories (prices start at $188 for panels).[/caption]
In addition to natural wood, boards are also available in black and white and can be cut to size. [/caption]
Here, the standard-issue pegboard takes center stage for an easy home-decor boost.[/caption]