Here's Tom Brady's Pancake Recipe, Because We Haven't Heard Enough About The Guy

Last night's Super Bowl was one for the ages — unless, of course, you are a Seattle Seahawks fan. In that case, that was one to forget. For those who skipped out on the game — and Katy Perry! — the Patriots won 28-24 on a dramatic final-seconds play. But, let's talk pancakes. This morning, we received an email from the editor of True, an adventure and travel magazine and website that is currently in pre-launch mode. For their first piece, they published an interview with Brady, who revealed his favorite pancake recipe in a recorded phone call. (The same recipe that led his wife Gisele Bundchen to call him "The Pancake Master.") Tom Brady's pancake recipe includes five eggs, almond oil, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, butter and protein powder. It's articulate, clear-headed and, as Brady says, "pure happiness." What can't this guy do?