Help This Responsible Egg Farm 'Barnraise' Some Much-Needed Money

As the use of mandated antibiotics and hormones became more widespread in her industry, contract chicken grower Carole Morison grew increasingly dissatisfied with her work. Shortly after her tell-all interview for the Oscar-nominated documentary Food, Inc. — which exposed the inhumane practices of her employers — her contracts were terminated and the chicken houses stood empty.

But all was not lost. Operating as an Animal Welfare Association-approved farm, Morison's Bird's Eye View Farms produces the kind of eggs that make consumers feel good about their purchase. "I guess you could say I went from one end of the spectrum to the other — from the industrial way to the total opposite," she says. Watch how it's all happening in the clip below, and lend a hand on Morison's Barnraiser. That's right, crowdfunding has taken to the farm.

Fund via Barnraiser: Carole Morison Goes Free Range

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