Clockwise from top left: Philip Tessier and Skylar Stover brought the silver medal home for the U.S. at Bocuse d’Or, NYC pop-up Goa Taco, shotgunning a beer per day, Ed Lee’s gochujang chicken wings.

There are exactly two days left in January, which means you’ve been strictly adhering to all your New Years resolutions for almost an entire month now (yeah…right). Since the past 30 days were undoubtedly your cleanest, healthiest ones to date, we’ve worked hard to slowly reintroduce some essentials from your pre-resolutions diet back into your life this week. You know, the fine stuff: beer, chicken wings, snack food. And what better way to get them back in the picture than by celebrating Super Bowl Sunday with a smorgasbord of all this goodness? Shotgun a beer per day while you’re at it — it just might get you a crazy Instagram following. Never ones to stick with a single theme, we also covered well-designed breweries, hotel food stepping up its game, hybrid tacos and natural wine. For the week’s complete recap, here are the 10 hot topics on Food Republic.

  1. What's the state of hotel food in 2015? It's come a long way from club sandwiches, for starters.
  2. These six caffeine trends just might be the future of your morning routine.
  3. Brewery tours are no longer boring, uniform affairs. Check out these five breweries upping their design game nationwide.
  4. Incredible! The U.S. earned the silver medal at the biennial Bocuse d'Or cooking competition, securing their best finish ever by a longshot. Here's a complete blow-by-blow. Thomas Keller might have cried.
  5. The food at NYC's newest pop-up restaurant Goa Taco is neither from Goa, nor tacos. So, what is it exactly?
  6. Edward Lee's gochujang chicken wings with white BBQ sauce are just as good as they sound. And pretty easy to make.
  7. We've got everything you could possibly want to know about Korean street food, in infographic form.
  8. Shotgunning a beer a day keeps the doctor away? Not exactly, but it might get you a shitload of Instagram followers.
  9. Your ultimate Super Bowl grocery list is just one click away.
  10. Want to learn about natural wine? What better way than by chatting with the author of the book on natural wine?