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Jim Harbaugh is certainly an intense guy. On the sidelines of the football field, he’s known as one of the game’s fiercest competitors, having led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013. But can the newly hired University of Michigan head coach’s success be partially attributed to his bizarre breakfast habits?

Just last week, Harbaugh’s son Jay (who will work under his father as the tight-ends coach at Michigan) revealed that Jim once put Gatorade in his cereal instead of milk. So, naturally, the university’s Alumni Association put together the “Harbaugh Breakfast Challenge” and encouraged current students to try out the mixture for themselves.

Surprisingly, some combinations actually work…sort of. Fruit Punch Gatorade seems to go down well with Apple Jacks, as does Fierce Grape with Cocoa Pebbles. (We’re guessing neither of those combos contains any artificial flavors or colors.) On the other hand, most of the Wheaties and Frosted Flakes variations are deemed downright disgusting. Leave it to rabid college-football fans to argue passionately in the comments section about how eating cereal with Gatorade is a recipe for success and a metaphor for “taking what you got and making it work.”

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