It's time, everyone, it's time! No, not to stock up your fridge for the blizzard, that's old news. The actual news is Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday (yes, this Sunday!) which means it's time to clean out the supermarket shelves for an entirely different reason: you'll need fuel to yell at the TV. And, of course, watch all those commercials.

You were going to stock up on these staples anyway, so why not shop with a little purpose. You're not just frying up chicken tenders — you're slathering them with excellent sauce and topping them with blue cheese. You're not just making chili — you're going south of the border in a big way. And, we can help. So pick up the raw materials and add your own magic touch. 

Buy these pantry/fridge essentials:

  • Corn tortillas/chips
  • Rice
  • Rolls/slider buns
  • Bacon (always bacon, remember this)
  • Produce: onions, garlic, limes, tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, jalapeños
  • Sour cream

Now's the time to hammer out that game plan.


Ground beef

Pork shoulder

Chicken breasts

Black beans

Hot dogs

Cheddar cheese

Sausage links

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