Show your true colors this week and try out Ample Hills Creamery’s new Super Bowl flavors.

Ample Hills Creamery is a popular Brooklyn ice cream shop run by a former screenwriter and audiobook producer, and most-popular dad in Brooklyn candidate Brian Smith. With locations in Prospect Heights and Gowanus (which includes a roof deck), a seasonal stand in Brooklyn Bridge Park and a stall in Manhattan’s Gotham West Market arriving soon, Ample Hills churns out a rotating menu of 24 small-batch, all-natural flavors featuring a bevy of local, organic sweet and savory ingredients. While we’ll always be biased towards the shops’ signature salted crack caramel flavor, we were pretty psyched to hear about two new options on offer for Super Bowl week.

Created in honor of the Seahawks, the creamery’s “caffeine high” flavor consists of strong coffee ice cream with the Seattle's own Dilettante chocolate-covered espresso beans and a mocha flake. A “patriot pie” flavor takes after traditional Boston cream pie and combines custard ice cream with swirls of vanilla pudding, chocolate truffles and deflated sponge cake. Yes, that deflated bit is a joke. And we're sorry, but we just couldn’t resist. Both varieties are available as scoops or pints in-store, or can be shipped nationwide as a four-pack (two pints of each flavor) for $48.

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