Have you been sipping bone broth this week? Lined up for a bottle of cold-pressed carrot juice? Perhaps citrus has replaced cream in your home kitchen? It’s January, which means eating healthy is still squarely on our minds. Accordingly, we published a number of stories and recipes the follow that thread. Soy cheese, anyone? On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we’re also getting ready for Burns Night, the annual holiday that celebrates all things Scottish food and drink. Haggis, burnt cream, moffat toffee, partan bree. All that good stuff. That’s taking place on Sunday; first dram is on us. And for more from the week, here are the 10 hot topics on Food Republic.

  1. Our contributing cocktail editor Jeffrey Morgenthaler tells us all about ginger syrup, but mostly how to make it in the most simple way
  2. It turns out that mushrooms are the latest add-in that has craft brewers getting all, um, crafty.
  3. We visited with New York City chef Marco Canora to find out about his new cookbook, and what it's like selling hundreds of gallons on bone broth a week.
  4. Switching from cheese to dairy-free Daiya can be a traumatic event, except when it’s not.
  5. Into wine? Or, let us say, really into wine? You should think about hosting a blind tasting. Here’s how to do it.
  6. Heritage Pig cooking competition Cochon 555 kicks off this weekend. We caught up with the festival’s founder Brady Lowe.
  7. Destroy your kitchen! We rounded up 20 winter weekend cooking projects.
  8. In Los Angeles, Bulletproof Coffee is all the rage. We asked three baristas what they thought about the controversial brewing technique. As in, does butter belong in the coffee conversation?
  9. 15 winter recipes to use up the leftovers in your fridge.
  10. And six restaurant trends that we have spotted around New York City.