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Head to Boston Common Coffee to cheat on your diet with these deflated football cookies.

So, it looks like the New England Patriots went ahead and deflated a bunch of footballs during Sunday's AFC Championship game/demolition of the Indianapolis Colts. And it seems everyone has an opinion on DeflateGate: “It doesn’t matter because they would have won anyway.” “Both teams were helped out so the point is moot.” “The blame lies squarely on the officials.” We've heard it all. Here at Food Republic? We think the Patriots are a bunch of cheaters, plain and simple. But what do we know? We’re a bunch of bitter Jets fans — cue the laughter and mockery.

Cheating or not, one Boston area coffee company is injecting a little bit of humor into its baked goods. As of today, mini-chain Boston Common Coffee Company is offering “deflated football cookies” at all four of its locations. “Looks like our pastry chef let a little too much air out of these cookies,” jokes the coffee shop, as first reported by Eater Boston. Oh well, let them have their fun. The Patriots are just 11 days away from a — dare we say, deflating — loss to the defending Super Bowl champs.

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