Is The Ramlet (Ramen + Omelet) The Next Big Thing In Breakfast?

It was only a matter of time in today's world of hybrid food crazes. After all, it's a natural combination — a runny, soft-boiled egg is already a common addition to a bowl of piping hot ramen noodles. Its invention by a well-known chef certainly gives it instant credibility. And let's be honest here for a minute — you're pretty disappointed you didn't think of creating the ramlet yourself.

That's right, ramlet. Part ramen, part omelet, the ramlet is the brainchild of Momofuku founder David Chang. The video below — in which Chang quickly whips together the dish — comes to us from the "People Cooking Things" series on the new Lucky Peach website, which was launched last week by the quarterly culinary magazine. It remains to be seen if the ramlet is destined for food fad greatness, primed to be uttered in the same breath as "cronut" and "ramen burger." Or if the video has as much sticking power as Julia Child's iconic omelet spot. One thing is for sure: we certainly won't underestimate the potential of the ramlet.

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